Aerospace & Defence

The aerospace and defence industry is facing a future of mixed opportunity and is under increased pressure to improve program performance. Companies in this sector must always be agile to endure the ever-changing market headwinds successfully, and also continue to embrace latest technology to reduce cost and deliver on time.

INFOSIGHT’s Aerospace & Defense solutions help organizations address the challenges of complex landscape and delivers best practices to enhance and optimize supply chain, improve internal operations. With our innovative solutions we help our clients respond to rapidly changing market to reach industry heights.

INFOSIGHT empowers you with our proven expertise in delivering solutions covering:

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO)
The importance of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) will be a significant focus for A&D manufacturers in the forthcoming years. INFOSIGHT helps clients to successfully harmonize MRO solutions by covering the entire end-to-end MRO ecosystem and offer cutting edge solutions to deliver MRO business improvement and systems implementation efficiently and effectively.

A&D manufacturing and Supply Chain

Supply chain is critical for any A&D manufacturer .We deliver supply chain solutions that are designed to support complex assembly and integration issues and help companies make the most of their budgets by offering innovative manufacturing and supply chain solutions to reduce costs and optimise their production.

Services in A&D include:

  • SAP MSA (Mobile Sales Application) a laptop based solution
  • SAP REX (Retail Execution) an iPad solution
  • Oracle Mobile platforms
  • Sybase mobile for SAP
  • Bespoke smartphone based hosted solution
  • Cloud based bespoke mobile solution for SMEs

INFOSIGHT offers Aerospace and Defence clients a broad spectrum of solutions using onshore/offshore and global delivery model. Our practise has provided a wide array of consulting services to leading companies within the A&D industry including OEMs, Defence Contractors, engines and propulsion manufactures and air transport service providers. Our technical expertise and deep industry knowledge bring added value to our solutions.

Our Strategic Partnerships

INFOSIGHT has developed strategic partnership with many A&D solution providers offering services to support our client in establishing exceptional value add. We have partnered with leading A&D players including:

  • SAP

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