Ramco Aviation Software for Civil & Defense

The Aviation industry is one of the industries that faces enormous challenges with increasing fuel prices and intense competition, making operation automation and optimization of efficiencies critical. The Ramco Aviation Series 5 Suite is the most comprehensive enterprise-wide M&E/MRO software available in the aviation industry, and built specifically to address the business and regulatory requirements of the industry.
Ramco Aviation Series 5 Suite has been built to provide a lasting solution to these very challenges. Leveraging the suite’s vast array of applications, you can automate operations, end-to-end, reduce overhead costs, manage inventory more effectively, increase aircraft availability, reduce AOG (aircraft on ground), and control operations on a business-for-profit basis. Regardless of new customer or market demands, the Ramco Aviation Series 5 Suite can easily expand and adapt to accommodate your new or changing business processes.

Small operators in addition to the operational challenges on the raising Fuel and maintenance costs, face the challenge of operating with limited manpower with multitasking capabilities in order to deliver superior customer service. Any initiative which warrant full time involvement of the staff either will have operational or cost impact.

Value proposition

  • Industry First: Ramco Aviation’s on cloud solution bring full suite comprehensive solution to small operators at a fraction of the cost
  • Real-time global warranty and parts tracking features, saves millions of dollars in warranty cost and cuts down AOG time
  • Intuitive ‘one screen does it all’ concept called WorkSpace dramatically cuts down resource training time and takes end user productivity to a whole new level
  • Compatible with all iOS & android devices, MRO operations can now be managed anywhere, anytime across mobile platforms
  • Go Live on Ramco Aviation on Cloud with solution with zero implementation costs, zero annual maintenance costs, zero infrastructure costs and minimal recurring IT expenses

Ramco Aviation M&E/MRO Solution for MROs helps address the major challenges facing the Aviation MRO Industry such as streamlining process intensive activities, optimizing operational and maintenance economics, reducing turnaround times, improving customer satisfaction, and, ultimately increasing profitability. Our integrated suite of Aviation MRO software solutions are in use across Commercial and Defense MROs, and Third Party Maintenance service providers.

Value Proposition

  • 50% reduction in TAT violation
  • 20% reduction in Inventory holding costs
  • Web based solution facilitate easy information access to all stakeholders including customers
  • Electronic data exchange making processes more efficient and faster
  • Reduction in time to bill customers
  • Reduction in revenue leakages by efficiently tracking labor, material and other expenses incurred
  • Rational Flow of Materials, Tools etc.
  • Consistent Turnaround time ( TAT)
  • Improved Maintenance Planning
  • Increased Service levels & Reduced Inventory

Regardless of new customer or market demands, the Ramco Aviation Series 5 Suite is designed to easily expand and adapt to accommodate new or changing business processes with its fully-integrated software solutions. Ramco Aviation also supports Cloud based delivery model which enables Heli operators to experience & reap benefits of mainstream Aviation IT with a nominal subscription fee.

Value proposition

  • Ramco’s Offline Field Maintenance System enables you to stay connected even in remote corners of the world
  • Intuitive & integrated EFB, on board with Performance calculations, Navigation and Fuel planning
  • New workflow optimization feature enables remote field mechanics to multitask effectively
  • Accurate contract based customer invoicing drastically improves profit margins in each journey
  • From Journey logs to customer Invoice at the click of a button with Ramco Flight Contracting & Invoicing
  • New ‘usage based depreciation’ replaced time based depreciation to accurately evaluates asset and resources