Retail Industry

Retail businesses are fast moving, complex and constantly changing, to meet the diverse customer needs, it is an environment where only the best managed and most innovative organisations can succeed and thrive. INFOSIGHT enables you with our proven expertise in delivering Retail business solutions to help improve your customer experience.

In an environment where customers look for best value for their spend, and the manufacturer demands a volume and value commitment, the Retail business undergoes enormous stress on deciding the right pricing strategy while it ensures its profitability. From Distribution Centres to retail outlets the supply chain optimisation still remains a challenge to ensure the correct replenishments. Businesses are also thriving and making real business on e-commerce beating all conventional retail strategies. The new era of Retailing seems still evolving in the new digital market.

INFOSIGHT is experienced in helping Retail businesses improve the processes and implement strategic solutions to support business. We provide solutions from strategic planning to merchandising to Pont of Sale analytics.

INFOSIGHT empowers you with our proven expertise in delivering solutions covering:

  • Sales & consumer Analytics
  • RFID enablement
  • Pricing strategy & implementation
  • Merchandising
  • Article Master Handling
  • Effective Replenishment Planning
  • POS Integration & analysis