Wholesale & Logistics Industry

Increased regulations, competitive boundaries and challenging mode-operandi, while maintaining operating profits are common in this industry. INFOSIGHT provides innovative logistics & supply chain solutions for the Distribution industry from local to global scale.

To succeed in these competitive markets, companies in this industry must find new ways to achieve sustainable, profitable growth. INFOSIGHT can help you to transmute all aspects of your organization including process, people, data and technology for better business results.

Our process and IT Consulting in distributed manufacturing functionality helps supply chain partners collaborate effectively and increases cost efficiencies by optimising planning and execution. INFOSIGHT helps organizations to enable best practices by implementing a single, unified process environment for all customers across all channels. We deliver SOA enabled solutions with components to integrate multi-tier channel partners in managing critical processes of Channel inventory, price protection, and ship and debit functionalities to gain accurate insight of customer requirements and enhancing satisfaction.