Consumer Product Industry

In a battle for consumer allegiance, ever changing consumer needs and higher operating costs have added twist to the Consumer Products Industry. Our intention at INFOSIGHT is to help you build your agility and amplify your ability to find solutions to ever changing consumer behaviour.

Consumer insight and the ability to use this to design and drive innovations are critical parameters of success. The CP industry is also faced with the challenges of increasing manufacturing costs and competitive price wars, which have put more emphasis on effective Supply Chain Management.

INFOSIGHT specializes in providing CPG industry specific solutions that help the businesses to be agile & effective which directly influences in increasing their top & bottom lines.

INFOSIGHT empowers you with our proven expertise in delivering solutions covering:

  • Consumer Analytics
  • Budgeting & Marketing Planning
  • Campaign planning & execution
  • Trade Promotions Management
  • Brand Management
  • Field Sales & Key Account Management