Mobility Solutions

Real time information/content on anytime, anywhere & any device is a necessity in the information era we live in. With billions of smart-devices in action, INFOSIGHT can help you simplify, unify and transfigure end-user experience; all of this while keeping your budget in control and augmenting production without compromising security.

INFOSIGHT offers a comprehensive range of service in mobility that covers everything from defining mobile strategy, development, testing, and also deployment of mobile solutions.

Our technology expertise in SAP, Oracle, Siebel can offer you a one-stop solution for an optimal fit for your mobility need. It may be for your sales force on field or service personnel or seven your shop floor employees; we have proven industry templates to adapt and accelerate your mobile solution adaption. We can also offer our own cloud-based bespoke mobile solution to suite your specific requirement.

Our range of technology solution includes:

  • SAP MSA (Mobile Sales Application) a laptop-based solution
  • SAP REX (Retail Execution), an iPad solution
  • Oracle Mobile platforms
  • Sybase mobile for SAP
  • Bespoke smartphone-based hosted solution
  • Cloud-based bespoke mobile solution for SMEs