Utility Industry

Adoption of Green Energy, reduced dependency on Nuclear power and customers needing to control over consumption are forcing the Utility organizations to innovate and change for better efficiency and customer satisfaction. INFOSIGHT can help you improve your ROI by implementing process efficiencies and innovative solutions to address business critical challenges.

With ever changing market conditions and regulations forces a successful utility business to be more and more customer focused, efficient in delivering services, and exhibit adoptability to the changing business requirements.

Utility companies normally have large volumes of residential and commercial customer bases, requiring to transact with high volume data. Key for the successful operations is a flexible system to manage assets, work force, accurate billing and customer interactions. With a CRM and IS-Utilities solution along with Analytical capabilities we can help the organizations of all sizes to switch to best of the class industry solutions.

INFOSIGHT brings in range of expertise in implementing Customer Management, Resource Management, Asset Management, Contracts Management & Billing Solutions

INFOSIGHT empowers you with our proven expertise in delivering solutions covering:

  • Customer management (360 degree view of customer)
  • Device & Installed Base management
  • Customer Move-in & Move-Out
  • Contracts Management
  • Customer query and complaint management
  • Billing Solutions
  • Data Governance & Management
  • Analytics and Market Insights
  • Field service Management