Pharma Industry

Pharma Industry is undergoing enormous changes – Emerging sciences, new products demands, shifting demographics and increased regulations. Our range of services at INFOSIGHT includes Consulting & ERP Implementation & support for Pharmaceutical businesses to be on top of their game.

Life sciences industry is again very dynamic, innovative, and always in evolution. What worked yesterday might not work today. Therefore pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies are constantly seeking better ways to manage complexity,comply with regulations, cut costs and boost productivity.

INFOSIGHT offers Pharma solutions based on Best Practices for pharmaceutical companies using SAP & Oracle based solutions. We adapt template based solutions allowing very cost-effective and pragmatic implementation. Our solution offers are known for flexibility scalability.

INFOSIGHT empowers you with our proven expertise in delivering solutions covering:

  • Requirement Planning and Subcontract Processing
  • Quality Inspections
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • GLP/GMP-Specific Requirements
  • Planned & Unplanned Samples
  • Recurring Inspection
  • Stability Management
  • Industrial and Services Laboratory Processes
  • Financial Costing and Profitability
  • Production Costing and Profitability Analysis
  • Sales force Automation
  • Trade Promotions Management