Big Data Solutions

Today we are living in the garbage of data, which we get from many unstructured sources, mostly beyond our business. Understanding and analyzing the patterns, problems of these huge data are vital for making sense of it, and to use it to gain competitive advantage. INFOSIGHT has combination of both familiarity and experience in dealing with Big Data from assisting to strategize your big data management approach to realize your Intelligent analytical capability.

We deal with all aspects of 7Vs of Big Data:

  • Variety (Structure)
  • Volume (Size)
  • Velocity (Flow-Speed-Pace)
  • Viscosity (Flow resistance)
  • Virality (Rapid circulation)
  • Veracity (Data quality)
  • Value (Benefit)

Our range of Services in Big Data include:

  • Big Data Assessments & technology evaluation
  • Big Data Architecture & Assurance
  • Migration to Big Data platforms
  • Advanced Analytics Solutions
  • Data Integration, Security & Governance

SAP HANA & BO BI Solutions include:

  • Predictive & Intelligent Analytics
  • Data visualisation using SAP Lumira
  • Social media Text Analytics
  • Early Fraud detections
  • 360 degree customer Insight